A little bit about me

I learned HTML in the spring of 1995 so my first pages were live before javascript was even released! I was attending Rutgers University studying music and there was a sign in the student center for an independent study class HTML (there were no formal web classes at this time). I created a website for a drum and bugle corps I was a memeber of and continued to update and maintain that site until 2007. I actually worked in web development from 2000-2003 but in those days I was mostly doing just HTML and basic CSS. I moved on to other work that was not tech related and I now realize that was an enormous mistake. I had convinced myself that HTML and CSS wasn't "real" programming (and to an extent I still think that's true) and I couldn't learn javascript or something more technical since I wasn't a computer science person. I dabbled around in web stuff still though all the time. Last year I decided that I wanted to get back into the web development field and I would learn javascript. Wow, things have changed since I worked in the field! I am currently looking to put the skills I've been learning to the test and get back into the web development world.