Finished Bootstrap site from psd

I’ve been studying a lot of javascript and as a result I’ve been dragging my feet on actually making web sites. I have html experience, tons of it. I’ve done a boatload of tutorials in the last few months as well to keep it fresh in my mind too. But, I’ve been stuck in this tutorial rut and haven’t been actually building sites. So, I found this class for free as a promotion a few weeks ago and it fit the bill perfecetly So here it is. It’s just a Udemy class but I finished the page up last night.   — Fake portfolio website —  So yes, it’s truthfully someone else’s code, but I didn’t copy and paste anything. There were no concepts I didn’t understand before I went through this tutorial. At this point, my problem is coming up with designs to turn into websites. Sure, I have good photoshop skills, and I could just make a design myself to turn into a website. Photoshop is just not what I want to spend my time practicing right now. I had the brilliant idea of going on reddit to ask if there are any sites where I can find designers looking for people to turn their designs into websites. Of course there were a few stupid comments and almost-insults (it’s reddit after all) but there were a few good suggestions. The best one, and one that once they said it I felt almost foolish for not thinking of in the first place, was to just go to a website that looks cool and take a screenshot to use as the .psd. I’m enjoying learning more and more javascript but I do need to get more websites out there.