Finished Bootstrap site from psd

I’ve been studying a lot of javascript and as a result I’ve been dragging my feet on actually making web sites. I have html experience, tons of it. I’ve done a boatload of tutorials in the last few months as well to keep it fresh in my mind too. But, I’ve been stuck in this tutorial rut and haven’t been actually building sites. So, I found this class for free as a promotion a few weeks ago and it fit the bill perfecetly So here it is. It’s just a Udemy class but I finished the page up last night.   — Fake portfolio website —  So yes, it’s truthfully someone else’s code, but I didn’t copy and paste anything. There were no concepts I didn’t understand before I went through this tutorial. At this point, my problem is coming up with designs to turn into websites. Sure, I have good photoshop skills, and I could just make a design myself to turn into a website. Photoshop is just not what I want to spend my time practicing right now. I had the brilliant idea of going on reddit to ask if there are any sites where I can find designers looking for people to turn their designs into websites. Of course there were a few stupid comments and almost-insults (it’s reddit after all) but there were a few good suggestions. The best one, and one that once they said it I felt almost foolish for not thinking of in the first place, was to just go to a website that looks cool and take a screenshot to use as the .psd. I’m enjoying learning more and more javascript but I do need to get more websites out there.



this javascript code:
 var weird = [1, 40, "bob", [], false, 89];
 var count = 0;
 for (var i = 0; i < weird.length; i++) {
  if (typeof(weird[i]) === "number") {
    count += weird[i];

number needs to be in quotes here or it doesn’t work.  That surprised me because I thought that would make it a string of the word number.    I tried putting
into the console and it returned
So I guess that makes sense.  It just surprised me.  I guess because I’m asking to compare the typeof it would never return the value of a string, just what type.  It still seems strange that it should be in quotes but there you go!


Notes to self about learning to program

I’m going to start putting little things that were unclear to me before I have an a-ha! moment. This blog is about my journey learning to code so some of these will almost certainly be obvious to some people, but hopefully if someone else who is learning searches for an answer finds  my post, well, good for me right? And more to the point good for the person whose question is answered! So here’s the first little a-ha.

I’m learning javascript so right now I’m learning about changing text and html in a document.

  • Input fields like ‘values’
  • HTML elements have ‘innerHTML’

In other words, what’s in a <div> is it’s innerHTML but what’s in a text box is its value.

I know, probably remarkably simple and obvious to some folks but hey, it was something that briefly gave me a problem and I figured out so here you go.


My Web Development Journey – Getting out there. First meetup

I’m not starting with no web knowledge, but I’m not currently working in the field either.  In fact, I’ve been out of it for about 15 years so I have a LOT to catch up on.  One of the things I keep seeing from the tutorials, podcasts, and other sources I’ve been using is that you should have a blog so here we are.

Another thing they all say is that you need to get out there and network so tonight I went to my first meetup in NYC.  It was a woo commerce thing with only a handful of people and I don’t think I really got too much out of it, but what the heck, I still got out there, made the trek into NYC and gave it a shot.

I have been keeping a list for myself on ideas for blog posts so hopefully as this progresses I will be able to help others who are on a similar journey.  Now, off to do another tutorial!